Tinder For PC

Tinder is a great application designed for mobile devices, those running Android and iOS in particular. This dating app delivers great usability on smartphones of various sizes as well as on tablet computers. Unfortunately, there is no version for PC users who want to use the app with a bigger display and a full keyboard and mouse. The app’s publisher has not released an official Tinder for PC version.


What Tinder Is For

Tinder is an application created to make it easy to find dates on the go, through web-connected mobile devices. The main reason why there is no PC version of the app is the app’s purpose itself. Tinder aims to connect people quickly through their smartphones or portable tablet computers. It is meant to be a very light application that can be used wherever, whenever.

Why a PC Version is Needed

Tinder, exclusively as a mobile app, would have been adequate if it has a website counterpart through which users who have access to desktop or laptop computers can more comfortably use Tinder’s faculties. The problem is there is no usable Tinder dating website available at the moment. Tinder’s official website only shows links to where the app can be downloaded. The dating functions are nonexistent. Hence, a PC version of Tinder is something that can really be useful.

Using Tinder on PCs

Fortunately, there are ways through which Tinder can be used on desktop or laptop computers. Since the app is available on the Android platform, it is possible to use Android emulators for PCs. The following are some of the most popular Android emulators that can be used to run Tinder on desktop or laptop computers.

Virtual Box – This is the popular Android emulator for Mac computers. It features a simple user interface and the ability to search, download, and install apps right within the emulator. What makes this software tool even greater is its price—it’s free!

Bluestacks – Another great emulator, this one has versions for both Windows and Mac computers. It is designed to be easy to use. It is actually promoted as an “app player.” It does not completely duplicate the whole Android ecosystem or attempt to copy the Android user experience. It’s more focused on running apps that are intended for Android devices.

YouWave - YouWave is another good Android emulator but it is not a free solution for using Tinder on a PC. This premium software is based on Virtual Box. It creates its own virtual disk space independent from the Windows file system. YouWave can have multiple app stores within it to make it easy to find, download, and install apps such as Tinder.

Using either of these emulators can mean the ability to run Tinder on a Windows or Mac computer, be it a desktop or laptop. They have different system requirements but most modern computers should be able to run them easily.

To use Tinder through these emulators, the app has to be installed first. In most cases, the app is available on the emulator’s app store so installing it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. In cases when the app cannot be found on the emulator’s app store or if the emulator has no app store, an APK installer would be needed. Tinder’s APK installer can be easily found online. Just search for it on any web browser using the keyword “Tinder apk.”

After installing Tinder, it should run in the emulator in the same way it would in an actual Android device. However, there will be no touch input. In lieu of the touch controls, the keyboard and mouse will be used to interact with the app. This is not going to be a very convenient user experience but it’s not a bad tradeoff for the benefit of being able to use Tinder with a bigger display and physical keyboard.

A PC version of Tinder is something many users would really appreciate. Running the app with an emulator can be a good solution but having an actual version optimized for PCs is definitely better. Obviously, using an application designed for devices with touch displays is not going to be a very comfortable experience. Users of Tinder may consider going to other dating sites such as Match.com, Friend Finder, or My Single Friend. Even Facebook can be a better option compared to using an app that is not really designed to be used on a PC with the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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