Tinder Success Stories

Created to help romance seekers in finding the right person for them, Tinder is a great mobile app designed to be easy to use and accessible for everyone. Since it is free, all that is needed is some capable Android or iOS device and Internet connection. Tinder is something many are using now so it’d be great to know how many have benefited from the app’s welcome ability to “swipe” romantics off their feet. Check out some of the many inspiring Tinder success stories below.

Tinder Success Stories

A “Rad” Romance

Forgive the pun but this rad (awesome, cool) story is about Sean Rad, a co-founder of Tinder himself. What better way to advertise a dating app than to have one of the founders’ story itself exemplifying the benefits of Tinder. Sean Rad was 27 when he met his girlfriend through Tinder. He claims that the app certainly works as it emulates the real manner in which most guys look at dating. It’s like saying to yourself (silently) yes-no-yes-no as you go over profiles and photos. It’s what most guys do as they see girls around, Rad opines. Tinder does a great job duplicating the typical real-life process of finding someone to date.

Matt+Jen Heder over Heels

Matthew and Jen Heder are some of the lucky couples who found their first and last dates on Tinder. Jen says that for somebody like her who will be having her first encounter with romance, relying on Tinder was not exactly a comfortable decision. How can a romance-naive be that utterly naive to entrust her chances at romance on the Internet? Fortunately, she refused to yield to her hesitations as trying Tinder made her find her way to the arms of the love of her life. They will marrying in the later part of this year.

Love at First Swipe

For 26-year-old solicitor Kate, “love at first swipe” is not exactly her story of romance but her realization of how great an app like Tinder can be. She recalls many of her past dating experiences as humiliating, costly, and reprehensively time-consuming. There’s just no way she could have enjoyed dating with the little time and poor schedule management skills she has. Thanks to Tinder, she now finds dating more convenient and easier. For her, finding Tinder is a great discovery. Now, she can have dates set up and find prospective suitors at the comfort of her sofa using just her thumb to do swipes with Tinder. Well, she has no romance success story to share yet but she definitely attests to how great Tinder is in improving dating experiences.

Connecting Neighbors?

One great thing about Tinder is the way it uses Facebook and GPS to create opportunities for romance. This paves the way for long-time neighbors to finally break the ice or to finally start noticing each other. By being on Tinder, a number of Tidner users (who actually happen to be neighbors) have realized what they’ve been missing all the while. The brilliant idea of GPS linking and requiring a Facebook account before a Tinder account can be created is definitely a useful attribute of this app.

Even Works for Homosexual Dating

Of course, the LGBT community is not being excluded on the Twitter platform. Tinder also supports the dating preferences of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender users. For instance, one user from New York, Tina Foster, calls Tinder as a “lesbian gold mine.” Despite complaints by some LGBT users who claim that, in many cases, they are being paired with users who are obviously heterosexual, Tinder actually does its job in trying to find a good match nearby. If there are times when it appears only heterosexual users are presented, it’s mainly because there aren’t that many LGBT users in the area. Tinder aims to always provide potential date options so in the absence of homosexual users, heterosexual one who show interest to the users are also presented.

Tinder is arguably a great dating app. Stories of Tinder romance like the ones mentioned above show how dating is improved with newer technologies and more convenient means for seeking love. It’s just important to bear in mind that the app is only a tool and that it is still the sincere and earnest desire to find love that guarantees real success when it comes to romance.

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